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The Breakthrough Bible College & Theological Seminary Student Support and Counseling Center:
Dedicated to the Success of BBC&TS Students

This site is the Student Support and Counseling Center web portal for students preparing for the ministry through their studies at Breakthrough Bible College and Theological Seminary (BBC&TS ). The purpose of this site is to provide guidance and information that can be accessed 24/7 by BBC&TS students around the world, clearly explaining the curricula requirements of the degrees, academic policies, and student performance expectations of the college and seminary. Of course, the leadership of BBC&TS hold the power to approve exceptions to policies, alternate course substitutions, transfer allowances and other special situations that they deem necessary and acceptable for students served. Our goal is to help you understand the expectations of the institution, as well as options available to you as a student to help you prepare for various aspects of the ministry. We are also there to assist those students who seek to acquire education and training that will help them gain employment in the world to supplement their family's income while serving in the ministry.

There are several methods of instructional delivery that students encounter in their studies at Breakthrough Bible College and Theological Seminary: BBC&TS has a cadre of distinguished professors and experts in the various ministry-related fields of study. Students who graduate from BBC&TS are well prepared to serve in ministry positions at churches of any size, from small churches to very large mega-churches, or Evangelical Christian denomination or affiliation. There are dozens of locations across the U.S. served by BBC&TS in which students may participate in classroom-based instruction (see the map on the "Welcome" page by selecting the second button on the navigation menu).In addition, faculty mentors guide students through independent study of selected subjects.

Our goal is your success! The better prepared you are to serve in the ministry and in the workforce, the brighter your light for the Lord will shine out for all to see. You will be equipped to impact lives positively for His name's sake, making a difference that will last throughout eternity. If you have any questions, please feel free to click on the link at the bottom of every page to send us e-mail. We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

NOTE: The curricula presented on this website for the degrees offered by Breakthrough Bible College and Theological Seminary only apply to new students pursuing degrees on or after January 2012. These requirements do not apply to all students, as many students previously matriculated with Breakthrough Bible College and Theological Seminary are committed to pursuing the curricula requirements previously associated with the programs of study at this institution.

To ask questions from the Student Support and Counseling Center staff of Breakthrough Bible College & Theological Seminary, send e-mail to Student.Support@BreakthroughBibleCollege.org. To report a problem with this website, send e-mail to Tech.Support@BreakthroughBibleCollege.org

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